AZELLE SANTA ANA INSPIRATION: When I was younger, I visited the Paul Mitchell School and fell in love with the connection I saw between it and the fashion industry. It was an inspiration to see how you can make a difference in someone’s life just by being extremely creative. FAVORITE PART ABOUT BEING A HAIRSTYLIST: I love the interaction and connection with all types of people and being able to make them look beautiful outside and feel good inside. HELPFUL TIP: Always use a leave in conditioner spray, as it acts like lotion for the hair by protecting and conditioning the cuticles. Also, rinse with cool water to seal your cuticles and gives your hair that natural shine. BEEN A HAIRSTYLIST FOR: 9 years.
BROOKE SHOLBERG INSPIRATION: Ever since I was a little girl, I was interested in hair and all the fun braiding techniques. I was always styling the neighborhood girls, and then once I got my hands in my grandmother’s hair, I knew right away I had a natural talent. She started asking me to style her hair every time she had somewhere to go, giving me the inspiration to become a hairstylist. FAVORITE PART ABOUT BEING A HAIRSTYLIST: I love all the relationships I build with people. They become more like my extended family, than clients. HELPFUL TIP: Make sure to always have fun with you hair; you only live once! BEEN A HAIRSTYLIST FOR: 7 years.
MARISSA CHAVEZ INSPIRATION: My aunt was a hairstylist and my inspiration, as I would always enjoy watching her work. We would attend hair shows together when I was younger and that is when I fell in love with hair. The art of doing up-dos and formal hairstyles intrigued me. From edgy to classic, I loved them all! FAVORITE PART ABOUT BEING A HAIRSTYLIST: The satisfaction of creating something that makes people feel beautiful on their special day. HELPFUL TIP: Have clean hair. I always like to add my own product that work well with what I do. And it is always safe to say, to not do any drastic changes to your hair before a wedding or big event! BEEN A HAIRSTYLIST FOR: 15 years.
STEPHANIE OVALLE INSPIRATION: I was self-inspired when the first client I ever had reveled how happy she was with her hair. Making people happy made my day and you can't buy that! FAVORITE PART ABOUT BEING A HAIRSTYLIST: Making authentic connections and sharing joyous moments with others. HELPFUL TIP: Try to apply products 5 to 10 minutes before you style, so products can fully absorb. BEEN A HAIRSTYLIST FOR: 12 years.

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